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Amanote – a student note-taking alternative?

I’m always reading the next book. Taking notes. Highlighting, researching, studying. It doesn’t stop. – Jocko Willink. Look around any lecture hall at any university today and you’ll realise one thing very quickly – old fashioned methods of writing notes by hand have given way to a preference for tech-driven and digital tools. Traditionally manyContinue reading “Amanote – a student note-taking alternative?”

An advantage with Vantage: connecting with leading legal firms

“Everything you want in life is a relationship away.”  Idowu Koyenikan. Everyone knows that applying for first year opportunities, vacation schemes or training contracts can be a competitive process. As a result, taking opportunities to speak to and connect with the firms you’re interested in or applying to is of paramount importance. Typically, this hasContinue reading “An advantage with Vantage: connecting with leading legal firms”