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Ep. 54 – What happens during a Training Contract induction? More From Law

Beginning a Training Contract marks the commencement of (usually) two years of learning, legal practice and development as a Trainee Solicitor. You’ll be expected to rotate between different departments, interact with clients/your colleagues and pick up new concepts along the way. So how does it all get started? Like almost any other role, you’ll likely commence and introductory induction period full of training and onboarding when commencing a TC. In this episode, I reflect on my own experiences, talking about what I learned in that period, elements of the Professional Skills Course I had to complete, as well as what it was like to do it all from my living room remotely! — Sponsored by AllAboutLaw: check out their website at https://www.allaboutlaw.co.uk/ for insights, advice and resources for learning more about the legal profession! Also, be sure to check out their upcoming Virtual Law Fair here: https://www.lawfair2020.co.uk/ — You can keep up to date with everything I’m up to – including my latest resources, events and episodes – by signing up to my newsletter here: https://tinyurl.com/hc-signup — Music provided by Audio Library: Jungle Juice – Wataboi, and Cali – Wataboi.
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