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Ep. 45 – LLB vs LPC: My Experiences, Advice And Reflections More From Law

Two of the more common stages aspiring lawyers will undertake in their journey into the profession are their Bachelor of Laws undergraduate degree (the LLB) and the Legal Practice Course (the LPC). But what are they, are they comparable and what advice might be handy to bear in mind before starting them? In this episode – having recently graduated from them both – I set out to answer these questions! — Sponsored by GetIntoLaw: check them out on Instagram @getintolaw for insights, advice and resources for breaking in to the legal profession! — You can keep up to date with everything I'm up to – including my latest resources, events and episodes – by signing up to my newsletter here: https://tinyurl.com/hc-signup
  1. Ep. 45 – LLB vs LPC: My Experiences, Advice And Reflections
  2. Ep. 44 – Vacation Scheme Tips From A Recruiter's Perspective: with Lizzie Arthey of Baker McKenzie
  3. Ep. 43 – Defining, Developing And Delivering A Personal Career Plan In Law: with Monika Edyta Ciereszko of Monika Coaching
  4. Ep. 42 – Working Within The World Of Finance And Banking As A Lawyer: with Annabel Akintomide of BosSeason
  5. Ep. 41 – Changing The Way Law Looks With Legal Design: with Dominique Meert of The Visual Lawyer


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