I’ve spent the last two months or so working on a little side project alongside my work and studies. I’m delighted to say it’s finally ready for release!

Firstly, thank you for visiting my blog and for your interest in downloading my new e-book to understanding, developing and utilising your commercial awareness. You can download a PDF of it, for free, at the link below:

I wrote this book to try and distill everything I knew about commercial awareness, that I had learnt both in my studies and going through the Training Contract application process for legal jobs. I’ve done my best to keep the advice given as broadly useful as possible so that anyone, from any industry, can take some actionable steps to try and improve this vital skill.

In the book, I cover:

  • What commercial awareness actually is
  • How to best develop it as a skillset
  • How to utilise it in interviews, or in your day-to-day practice

I’ve also authored and created a number of other resources alongside my blog which you can access here.

– Harry

If you liked, or didn’t like, the book and would like to give feedback, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me on social media. I would be extremely thankful for any recommendations or endorsements you may want to give on my profile with regards to my understanding of commercial awareness as a skill, or if you found my mentoring helpful. I’d also greatly appreciate any reviews you’d like to leave over on Amazon. Thank you!

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