Building and developing a professional network is hard enough. But when you’re migrating from one country to another – as Alexandar Pavlov did when we moved to Canada from Bulgaria – starting out in a completely new environment makes things even harder.

In this episode of the #MoreFromLaw podcast, I spoke to Alexandar to talk about:

  • His fascinating background into the profession and his migration to Canada
  • His tips for creating new professional relationships and sustaining them
  • How he went about meeting new individuals and contributing to community projects

…and more! A really thought-provoking episode and conversation.


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What skills are important to practice in a diverse environment?

Social and communication skills are vital for a successful career in Law. You must get in touch with people to grow your network and establish yourself within the industry. There is a growing technical ability to converse with people via social media and applications such as Skype, but nothing can replace the effectiveness of a face-to-face conversation when building relationships. 

Using cold calls/emails to network 

Try different methods of networking. Cold calling, for example, involves calling a person that you do not know in order to introduce yourself and establish a connection, which might lead to opportunities and benefits. Reaching their voicemail will enable you to present a one to two minute pitch on who you are and what you are looking for. 
– Make sure that you are well-prepared for the phone call. Thoroughly research the individual in advance – get to know their history and achievements. You might discover that you have a similar background or experience that will aid in developing an authentic relationship. 
– If they get in touch with you, make an effort to develop the connection – ask to meet for a coffee, perhaps. They are clearly interested in what you have to offer, so take advantage of the opportunity. They might not be able to give you the role or experience that you were looking for, but they might be able to help you at a later stage. 

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