If you have ever been involved in a road traffic accident as a driver, you will probably be aware of the procedure of what to do. You’re going to need to report the accident. You’re going to need to swap details with the other driver. You’re probably going to need to speak to your car insurance provider.

Although there’s a lot to sort out, there is a clear route forward and you will normally be able to get advice from family and friends along the way. So, things aren’t exactly easy, but you will nevertheless feel confident that everything is being taken care of in due course. But what if you’re a passenger?

Being involved in a road traffic accident and suffering a personal injury as a passenger can be a confusing time. Are you able to claim? What if the driver that’s proven to have been at fault is the driver of the vehicle you were in – if the driver is a member of your family or friend, doesn’t this mean that technically you will be being a claim against them? You can find more in-depth information at personalinjury.com – but for now, let’s get into the basics. 

Injured passengers – first steps

First and foremost, seek medical attention. Not only for your safety, but because your solicitor will be able to access this information as part of your claim. Also, write down your version of events as soon as possible – backed up by photographs where possible. Take the details of the other driver – the driver of your vehicle will do this, too, but you need your own notes. 

The second thing to note is that all motorists must have insurance. This means that when you bring a claim against a driver, the insurance company picks up the bill – the guilty driver won’t be paying you out of their own pocket. This is important because many people feel they cannot claim against a friend or family member who was driving the vehicle at fault. 

The final thing to note is to speak to a solicitor as soon as possible. This is because a personal injury solicitor will instantly be able to direct your claim – you need to begin by establishing liability and by establishing both your type of injury and the extent of the injury. Don’t make the mistake of assuming your personal injury issues will form part of someone else’s claim and that you will receive a pay out without doing any ground work. As an injured passenger in a car accident, always speak to a personal injury solicitor separate to the driver’s claim. 

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