Welcome to my site! I’ve done my best to pack it with as much interesting and useful content for helping both aspiring and currently practicing solicitors learn more about law. I write on a broad variety of topics within the legal industry, as well as a few more loosely connected with it, in addition to my musings on social media. I also host my own podcast – ‘More From Law’ – which interviews a number of guests on topics both contained within and related to everything law. You can learn more about me here.

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I’ve produced a number of resources and guides designed to help aspiring lawyers in their legal journey. You can access a variety of e-books, video courses and more above.

I host the legal podcast ‘More From Law’, which aims to interview a broad variety of both legal and non-legal professionals to share their insights on topics both directly related and complimentary to the practice of law. Each guest – recruiters, CEOs, thought leaders and more – share their expertise in bite-sized formats to help you broaden your legal horizons.

I frequently share resources and updates about my projects on social media. You can check out my latest posts from Twitter and Instagram on the side panels of this page.

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[MFL Ep. 30] – Understanding the SQE

LPC, GDL, PSC and now the SQE – lawyers seem to love three-letter acronyms for their professional development! The Solicitor’s Qualifying Exam is set to fundamentally change the way solicitors qualify in the UK. Getting to grips with these new changes can be a little tricky to understand at times. For this episode of the #MoreFromLaw podcast, […]