About Me

Hi, I’m Harry – a lawyer, University of York graduate and creator of this (imaginatively named) site, HarryClarkLaw!

I founded this site in September 2019 as a small passion project to try after finishing my undergraduate studies. In the space of 12 months, that project has grown to encompass a lot more than blogs and articles, encompassing podcasting, events, freelance work and marketing.


Access to insights about industries and career advice can be a postcode lottery based on where you study and live. After graduating from the University of York in 2019, I began to speak to more students informally about my experiences studying the LLB and applying for graduate positions at law firms through social media.

It was only once I started to have these conversations that I realised how disparate experiences can be between two people aiming to learn more about the same concept. Resources and experiences I’d been able to use during university – law fairs, careers services and speaking to lawyers directly – aren’t equally reflected across the board.

In addition, I’d made my fair share of (ultimately necessary) mistakes and corrected many misconceptions throughout my own experiences. Through my own networking efforts, I also began to learn about what those currently practicing in the industry would do differently, or their key pieces of actionable advice based on their expertise.

So, I launched this blog – and later, my podcast – to help discover and disseminate this information to others.

“My journey into law would have been so much more difficult without Harry’s advice and support. An incredible role model and a great help!”

Marie Madeleine Ndow

“Harry’s knowledge of commercial law and its inner workings and his spirit to share his understanding with others is truly commendable.”

Ayushi Goel

“He is incredibly supportive with any person or group he works with, projecting a positive, enthusiastic and determinative character.”

Megan Holman