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[MFL Ep. 30] – Understanding the SQE

LPC, GDL, PSC and now the SQE – lawyers seem to love three-letter acronyms for their professional development! The Solicitor’s Qualifying Exam is set to fundamentally change the way solicitors qualify in the UK. Getting to grips with these new changes can be a little tricky to understand at times. For this episode of the #MoreFromLaw podcast, […]

[MFL Ep. 29] – Transitioning From Non-Law to The Bar

After working as a personal trainer for more than 10 years, Jamie Johnston decided to switch career paths and become a barrister for Dere Street Barristers. In this episode of the #MoreFromLaw podcast, Jamie and I discuss: And more! A really insightful episode that will make a great listen for any aspiring barrister. SPOTIFY – – […]

[MFL Ep. 25] – Pupillage Tips from A Recruiter’s Perspective

Getting insights directly from inside a pupillage committee can be extremely difficult to obtain – but nevertheless extremely valuable. Fortunately for any aspiring barristers out there – this episode aims to help bridge that gap! 👇 For this episode of the #MoreFromLaw podcast, I spoke to Genevieve Reed, who sits on the Pupillage Committee for Red Lion […]

[MFL Ep. 28] – Personal Branding and LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an incredibly value-driven platform, with lots of opportunities to both connect with and learn from others. In this episode, I speak to Vagisha Arora, one of India’s Top 10 content writers on the platform. We discuss: And more! Listen to the full episode via the links below! SPOTIFY – Show […]

[MFL Ep. 24] – Commercial Awareness 101

Aspiring lawyer? Here’s an interesting statistic for you. 👇 A recent survey revealed that 71% of senior legal staff would recruit a trainee with commercial acumen/experience and a 2:1 degree over an otherwise comparable candidate with a first-class degree. It follows a string of evidence that commercial awareness is a critical skill to develop to […]

[MFL Ep. 27] – Transitioning from STEM to Law

As the legal profession changes and develops, so does the necessary skillsets and perspectives required to solve legal problems. Applicants from STEM backgrounds (Science, Tech, Engineering and Maths) can leverage their unique approach to problem-solving when looking to break into the world of law. For this episode of the #MoreFromLaw podcast, I spoke to computer […]

How To: Make the Most of First-Year Opportunities [Yasmin El-Briek]

“That day might be a day of all possibilities and make them ready to hit the ground running.” ― Erik Pevernagie. In hindsight, there was one thing at university I really wish I’d made more of – the abundance of first-year insight schemes and Open Days available when you join university! In this guest article, Yasmin […]

Announcing a Commercial Awareness Competition – with Watson’s Daily!

It’s competition time – with some great prizes to be won! A lot of in-person events, competitions and conferences are currently on hold as a result of COVID-19. It’s also clear that many students are looking for a way to upskill and learn from home. So, I’ve teamed up with Peter Watson from Watson’s Daily […]

To Infinity (And Beyond!): How Did Disney+ Do It?

“To infinity…and beyond!” Buzz Lightyear. The incredible recent growth rate of Disney+ has surpassed even their own original expectations. Disney originally set an ambitious target of having 60-90 million paying subscribers for their new streaming service by the end of the fiscal year of 2024. By comparison, Netflix currently has somewhere in the region of […]

COVID-19 Junior Lawyers Survey – Summary Report

I recently surveyed 400+ aspiring and practicing junior lawyers on their thoughts and concerns in light of COVID-19. With ongoing disruptions to education, employment and more, it’s critical that their views are accounted for. The following 26-page report aims to summarise the findings of the survey through both statistics (quantitative) and quotes directly from respondents […]

Nailing Your Digital First Impression with LinkedIn

Two things remain irretrievable: time and a first impression. Cynthia Ozick. The importance of having a memorable digital first impression in our digital age cannot be overstated. Nearly 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source and review job candidates. Those who keep their LinkedIn information up to date are discovered 18x more frequently in searches […]

How To: Write Better Applications [Matthew Berrick]

“It’s very important that we don’t make the same mistakes twice. That’s a big part of improvement.” Kirby Smart. Writing a great Training Contract or Vacation Scheme application isn’t easy. It usually involves a lot of trial and error, rejection, mistakes and reflection to improve your application technique. Whilst there’s no ‘magic formula’ to make […]

3 Factors Driving Podcasting’s Unrelenting Popularity

“Everybody and their mother has a book and a podcast these days.” – Loren Weisman. The surge in the consumption of podcasts over the last few years has been unrelenting. To put its historical growth into perspective, Apple introduced podcasts as a part of iTunes back in 2005. In under 10 years, iTunes grossed the […]

Amanote – a student note-taking alternative?

I’m always reading the next book. Taking notes. Highlighting, researching, studying. It doesn’t stop. – Jocko Willink. Look around any lecture hall at any university today and you’ll realise one thing very quickly – old fashioned methods of writing notes by hand have given way to a preference for tech-driven and digital tools. Traditionally many […]

Making the Leap: From Trainee to NQ [Vikki Pratley]

“I’ve discovered that every time I’ve reached a milestone, I think I’m there – but there’s another there waiting for me.” Sara Benincasa. Students often place a lot of emphasis on securing a Training Contract or Vacation Scheme when trying to enter the legal profession. However, whilst beginning your training as a solicitor is an […]