Alongside my posts on social media and my podcast, I’ve curated a number of resources, guides, e-books and more based on the topics I write about. You can find a full catalog of them below

Commercial Awareness – A Guide: How to understand, develop and utilise your commercial awareness

£FREE, 2019 Edition

A short, easy-to-read guide designed to help you develop your understanding of commercial awareness – regardless of your profession. Full of examples, diagrams and case studies tailored to your reading, this guide is perfect for any aspiring professional, or those already in an industry wishing to develop their professional skillset.

If you enjoy the book, I’d greatly appreciate any feedback – either via an endorsement on my LinkedIn profile, or a review on Amazon.!

Securing a Training Contract: Complete Course

£FREE, released in 2020

In collaboration with Gordon Chung and The Corporate Law Academy (TCLA), this free course aims to give you an overview of advice from the beginning to the end of a Training Contract or Vacation Scheme application for commercial law. Learn about researching firms, writing applications, interviews, networking and more! Complete in your own time and receive a certification once you’ve completed it. If you’re interested in subscribing to TCLA’s premium membership, use my code ‘HarryClarkLaw’ to get an extra 10% off!

If you enjoy the course, I’d greatly appreciate any feedback via a recommendation on my LinkedIn profile.

Succeeding During Internships & Vacation Schemes

£FREE, released in 2020

In collaboration with former recruiters, lawyers and current trainees, this guide provides a comprehensive set of insights and advice for making the most of internships, vacation schemes, placements and work experience.

If you enjoy the e-book, I’d greatly appreciate any feedback via a recommendation on my LinkedIn profile.

The Search For Pupillage – [Callum Ross]

£FREE, released in 2020

After writing an extensive guide with advice on applying for pupillages, Callum was kind enough to agree to offer the guide via my website. You can visit his LinkedIn profile here and listen to our podcast discussion about the book/his further tips here.

The Legal Graduate Application Guide

£FREE, released in 2019

As part of a series of posts on LinkedIn, I released a series of PowerPoint slides as a mini-guide for a handful of elements regarding applications for Training Contracts, Vacation Schemes, Open Days, Paralegal roles and other graduate positions in the legal sector. Whilst not wild on detail, it gives a few basics to keep in mind throughout the process. I utilised elements of this guide in my FAQ page, which covers some of the most common questions I get asked from students about applying for such roles.

If you found the book useful, I’d greatly appreciate any feedback via a recommendation on my LinkedIn profile.

50+ Free Online Courses For (Aspiring) Lawyers

£FREE, released in 2020 (continuously updated)

This spreadsheet contains educational courses on everything from black-letter-law to design thinking, commercial awareness, business development and more!

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I do my best to ensure that as many useful resources as possible are provided free of charge. Any time I invest into curating them from home is completely voluntary and I endeavor to make them high-quality and useful. For me, that means trying to answer questions I had throughout the process that I struggled to find answers to.

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