I provide a variety of speaking arrangements, covering everything from keynote presentations to panel events and podcasts to webinars. I’m able to engage with a variety of audiences, having previously spoken to an array of students, professionals, institutions and companies.

I have a proven track record of being able to attract attendance and engage with audiences on a number of topics, including (but not limited to):

Applications, Interview and Job Search Technique

I’ve taken part in a number of webinars, livestreams, panel events and more on application tips for students and graduates – in line with my other work on social media, online courses and this blog.

“We hosted a webinar alongside Harry on building a personal brand and how to tackle law applications. Not only was Harry able to give insightful advice drawing on his wealth of experiences, he was a true pleasure to work with. He is an incredibly approachable speaker and inspirational to all!”

Alice Ball, The opportunity Directory
Commercial Awareness

In addition to writing my e-book on this topic, I’ve delivered a number of keynote presentations and contributed at webinars and panel events on this critical skill. I’m more than comfortable explaining the core concepts behind this topic, why it’s important, how to develop it and more.

“Thank you for all the advice you gave during the session yesterday. It was SO insightful and genuinely so helpful to get such advice to give us a starting point with becoming more commercially aware!”

Ilsa Zubair, LLB STUDENT

Content Creation, Blogging & Podcasting

I’m able to share my experiences building my own blog, content and podcast from start to finish alongside my studies, detailing key growth strategies and how it can be leveraged for either personal branding or marketing purposes.

Entrepreneurship and Freelance Work

I’m able to share my experiences in creating my own side hobbies and projects through my blog and podcast that naturally evolved into additional freelance and contract business.


Due to my experience in podcasting, content creation and graphic design – developing each of these skills independently from scratch – I’m able to discuss marketing effectiveness from a variety of perspectives.


I employed a variety of in-person and online networking strategies for several reasons, such as generating business opportunities and my own personal development. I’m able to share my insights and experiences I’ve developed along the way and how I’ve honed my strategies from the ground up.

“I attended the networking webinar this evening and found your insight and advice so helpful. I’ve come away aiming to be much more consistent with this skill and having a clear purpose.”

Productivity and Time Management

I balanced the creation of my podcast, blog writing and other side ventures alongside demanding accelerated academic commitments. I’m able to share insights into development of routine, habits and career planning that allowed me to do so.

The Legal Profession

I have covered a lot of topics related to the legal profession in my podcast, as well as spoken to and learn from a vast array of individuals connected to the world of law. I’m able to share my perspective on a variety of issues within the world of law, such as mental wellbeing, innovation and more.

The Student Experience and Gen Z

I’ve spent a lot of time speaking to, engaging with and surveying students on a plethora of topics. I’m able to leverage data and insights generated from my audience to give an overview of student/generational concerns in relation to broader topics.

If you’d be interested to learn more about my speaking engagements, or about how I could design a presentation to meet your specific needs or goals, you can contact me via the form below.

Testimonials and Feedback

“It was a pleasure to be joined by Harry to discuss commercial awareness with our international interns. Our session was thoroughly enjoyed as Harry is a great speaker and role model. We could ask for nothing more from our speakers!”

The Lawyerup team

“I just wanted to thank you for your top tips and insights, yet again. It is astonishing how every time I hear from you helps me learn something new.”

Hania Mubbashra Shakeel, STUDENT INTERN

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